Behind the Scenes

Hey there, folks! 👋 We’re Mia Sinek and Trinity Takei, a dynamic duo crafting magic under the Valencia, Spain sun 🇪🇸. Swing by if you’re in the neighborhood - we’re always game for a cuppa ☕️ (our treat)!

Mia and Trinity

Two decades of weaving others’ dreams, we’re finally spinning our own. Currently chilling on a sabbatical, brewing up some side projects (starting with:, and conference-hopping (RailsConf, Rails SaaS Athens, Brighton Ruby, friendly.rb, Rails World - the shortlist). Look out for our brain spills on the blog!

Get in Touch

If you’re itching to share your two cents, got a lightbulb moment, or just feel like shooting the shit, don’t be a stranger - we’d ❤️ to hear your voice! Here’s the lowdown on how to ping us:

We believe in sharing resources so you can rock your creative process even more. We send fun emails. And peeks behind the scenes. See you on the other side ;)